Blitz of the Day: Vs Empty Set Presented By Yogolaada


Today I wanted to do a nice defensive post. When I am bored I draw up all sorts of gridiron possibilities with an app on my iPad. Here is a play I drew up this morning for fun. In this diagram I put in a Psycho front- taking out the nose guard and having my ends play a 3 technique. The offense is in an empty set (no running back) with 01 personnel (no back, 1 tight end and 4 wide receivers.)

The coverage is split. On the side of the bunch it is typical cover 2. The corner plays the flat, and there is a deep safety for this side of the field. The nickel plays an intermediate zone. On the other side its simply cover 2 man under. The Mike linebacker is responsible for the quarterback. He is a QB spy to account for the possible QB run up the middle. Against a stationary passer he can blitz the B gap on the right side.

This is technically not a blitz since we are only sending a 4 man rush. It however is a crafty four man rush. The defensive end on the right takes on the center. This prevents the center from helping the guard as the other end comes flying up the A gap. The Will linebacker blitzes the B gap as the outside linebacker comes off the edge. The guard is now in a pickle. He has two players to pick up by himself. He knows to block inside first and therefore he picks up the guard. The Will backer has a free lane to the quarterback. Its a quick acting stunt that allows the blitz to work.

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