Knocks Of Common Sense

A knock of Common Sense is awarded to the people who need it the most. The dumbest of the dumb. The crappiest of the crappiest. I admit I got the idea from 105.7 The Fan’s shovel of wisdom segment. The summer heat is making me want to lose it. So here we go:

1.) The People Freaking Out About A Stolen Playbook

The team that brought you spy gate now has brought you playbook-gate (You know the idiots are going to call it this). Browns head coach Mike Petine (previously with the Jets) has suggested that Bill Belichick has gotten his hands on the Jets defensive playbook. Here is why this sounds worse than it is. The Patriots play the Jets twice a year. Rex Ryan has been with the Jets since 2009. While “stealing” is wrong you could probably give Belichick a blank playbook and he could fill it with the Jets defensive plays, calls etc.
If the Patriots are proven of the alleged foul play, they will be punished accordingly. Lets not act like it really changes things that much. The reports say that the Patriots coach got it from his friend Nick Saban (Alabama head coach). If its that easy to get, its not stealing… is it?

2.) Dan Marino: 3 Steps Back

Dan Marino is removing himself from a lawsuit against the NFL for illegal administration of pain killers and poor medical care. The lawsuit is bogus, asinine and you would think I’d be applauding Dan Marino. The fact of the matter is he should have never put his name on it in the first place. Its an inconvenience to his TV career. It made him look bad to associate with a bunch of money grabbers but it makes him look worse to back away from it. If no one knew about it or pressured Marino he would never had taken his name of the lawsuit. It shows that he did not believe in the cause, it was a calculated business decision. When it became inconvenient he tried to erase his action. Maybe I am being unfair but I really am turned off by this.

3.) People Not Outraged By Jim Irsay
Owners guide to screw ups:
When you say the wrong thing an NBA team can be taken from you, everyone hates you and you are the never ending joke on Twitter. When you are intoxicated, driving under the influence and are in possession of drugs, people pretend to care for a while and then let it go.

I am sorry but we need to be outraged by Jim Irsay. A man who breaks laws (that put others in potential harm) is barely scraped in the public eye. If Irsay was a player everyone would be hollering left and right. Roger Goodell would actually have a back bone and the media would never stop talking about it.

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