A Look at Crockett Gillmore

Chris Schisler

The Ravens drafted Crockett Gillmore in the 3rd round and they got quite a promising player. Besides having an awesome name, Crockett Gillmore has a lot of potential. Gillmore is a physical, big bodied tight end from Colorado State. Many Ravens fans seemed upset by the Gillmore pick. My guess is that they really didn’t know anything about him- people don’t like what they don’t know. If you did not know Gillmore though watching the third round of the draft was probably not for you. Gillmore was on national television a handful of times this past football season, including a bowl game, the East West Shrine Game and the Senior Bowl. Gillmore impressed in each of these times in the national spotlight.

With Dennis Pitta and Owen Daniels as established receivers at the tight end position, Gillmore figures to be the prototypical blocking tight end. Instantly Gillmore becomes the best blocker in the Ravens tight end group. He will make a big impact in the Ravens running game. Gary Kubiak will not be afraid to get the 6’6″ rookie involved in the offense as he favors heavy use of tight ends.

Crockett Gillmore may be the designated blocking tight end but don’t let this designation fool you. Gillmore could blossom into quite the playmaker for Baltimore. With solid hands and an ability to go get the football up in the air he will catch his fair share of Joe Flacco passes. His size may make him a great threat in the red zone.

While he is not a speed demon by any stretch of the imagination, Gillmore is hard to bring down in the open field. He is fearless much in the way Todd Heap was in the middle of the field. The biggest strength of Gillmore’s game is in fact his strength. He needs to work on his route running and is not quite a finished product yet.

The Ravens took Crockett Gillmore eyeing the future. Dennis Pitta is the stud of the tight end group, with Daniels being an interesting (and familiar) weapon for Gary Kubiak. The biggest question mark with the Ravens tight end group is the durability of Owen Daniels and Pitta both coming off injury plagued seasons. Gillmore may have to step up if one of the Ravens veteran tight ends gets hurt.


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