This Whole Offseason Thing Just Ain’t working

Is it me, or is there more purpose to life during football season? Football is a drug and if you’re like me you’re going in withdrawal. There is something about that magical escape, where for a few hours nothing in the world matters but a football game. Nothing compares to the suspense of a critical third down late in the game. No offense to summer but baseball and World Cup Soccer just don’t cut it. The sports world has a football shaped void that cannot be filled soon enough.

We grow appreciation for the game during the offseason. In week 10 we probably are complaining about a Thursday night game against the Jaguars and the Raiders. There is very little star appeal and the quarterback play sets us back to the early 1900’s. But on this ridiculously warm offseason day I would drool over a cool November night watching the Jaguars.

Football brings an amazing purpose to life. It structures the week. On Monday we recap the weekends games and I nearly get carpel tunnel writing articles about the games. On Tuesday I start preparing for the next Sunday. I’ll get on NFL Rewind and I’ll start breaking down the Ravens next opponent. By Thursday I have a firm grip on the opponent and I write up a Common Sense Football game plan. This helps Ravens fans understand what to expect on Sundays and keys them on the match ups to look out for on game day. Then its time to watch the weekend’s first football on Thursday night. College football often has an intriguing matchup so there is usually two games to flip back and forth, though I prefer the NFL game.

Thursday is such a tease. We get a taste of football and then we have to wait until Saturday for more. Its hard to beat a college football Saturday. The pageantry of the college game is fun and the atmosphere is chaotic even watching on television. Each week this football season I will pick a college football game of the week. I will take notes during the game so that minutes after the game I can deliver you a game recap.

Then its time for the big day; NFL game day! Nothing, not one thing is better than an NFL Sunday. Wether at a Ravens game (the best place on earth)or enjoying football heaven with Sunday Ticket, its the best day of every week. I cannot wait for football. So keep tuned in to Common Sense Football this offseason. We’ll help keep you sane as you travel through the roller-coaster that is the offseason blues. Come football season, you’ll be ready and we will have you covered!

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