A Look at Terrence Brooks

As we continue to break down the rookies of the Baltimore Ravens, lets focus on Terrence Brooks. Brooks was selected with the 79th overall pick of the 2014 NFL Draft. Athletically, you can’t ask for more. Brooks has great acceleration and finds his way to the football like a locked-in missile. The free safety classifies as a true ballhawk and was an absolute steal in the third round. Brooks is a rookie at one of the most demanding jobs in professional football; there will be some growing pains. However his surplus of talent should make him a quality starter from day 1.

Brooks is fast. He ran a 4.41 40 yard dash at the NFL combine. He takes great angles and plays the game the way it is supposed to be played: rapid read and reaction. Brooks has a high football IQ and frequently finds ways to make a play. Florida State moved him all around. His versatility is a sign that he can learn all the facets of Baltimore’s defense quickly. Brooks is a free safety. He usually was responsible for a deep half or the deep third of the field at Florida State. Brooks has great cover skills- he jumps routes for interceptions naturally. He is also a great blitzer and has the strength and tackling ability of a strong safety.

In back to back years the Ravens have used the draft to fill a starting safety position. Last year Baltimore drafted Matt Elam. The 2013 Ravens essentially had two strong safeties in Elam and Ihedigbo. Brooks ability to be the deep defender, to be the true free safety should help Elam. Elam is very good in the box and is decent in man coverage against tight ends. Brooks will free up Matt Elam to play his game.

Terrence Brooks has a chance to be a star.

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