A Look at Michael Campanaro

The Ravens traded into the seventh round to draft Michael Campanaro. Baltimore got an absolute steal as some considered him a day 2 talent. Campanaro has drawn comparisons to Wes Welker as a crafty slot who excels at gaining yards after the catch. The Ravens may have found a diamond in the rough in Michael Campanaro.

Campanaro has very reliable hands and he was Wake Forest’s go-to-guy.
He was highly productive with 2,506 receptions and 14 touchdown receptions in four years. He was the guy the Wake Forest offense went to on critical third downs. His most impressive statistic is the 10.9 yards per reception. Many of those receptions were on short routes, his knack for YAC cannot be overstated.

Campanaro fell down the draft boards because he is strictly a slot receiver. His 5’11” frame does not make him suited to play out wide. Campanaro has a defined skill-set; if you let him play to that skill-set he can be a dangerous playmaker. The 5’11” 195 pound body is a little deceiving however as he is hard to take down.

Campanaro is a highly intelligent football player. He is great at finding the window of zone coverages and sitting in it. If you play soft coverage against him, Flacco will gladly let him tear your defense apart. Michael Campanaro can make catches in coverage and plays the game with no fear of getting hit.

If the Ravens use him right, he will be a valuable contributor to the offense. If they ask him to do things out of his comfort zone he may struggle to make the team. It seems doubtful the Ravens would trade back into the 7th round to get him if they were not intrigued by his skill-set. The Ravens may have found a crafty difference maker in the slot.

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