Will The Texans Regret Their Draft

With major questions about their quarterbacks the Texans may regret passing on potential franchise quarterbacks Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles and Teddy Bridgewater. The Texans may have pick the best overall player with the number one selection; but addressing their need for a QB may have been better for the team. Lets examine the situation and determine the chances Houston ends up regretting their actions in the 2014 NFL Draft.

The Texans drafted the super-freak athlete, Jadeveon Clowney with the first pick of the draft. The dynamic DE/OLB figures to play opposite of the dominant JJ Watt. Watt is one of the best defensive linemen in all off football. The Texans also drafted defensive tackle, Louis Nix III. The Texans may have taken an already good front seven and made it scary good.

Its one thing to draft the best player available, its another thing entirely to ignore your biggest need. Houston draft screamed of arrogance. They must think that they are so uniquely special that they can win without good play from their quarterback.

Right now the Texans quarterback situation is bleak-and that is generous. They can start Ryan Fitzpatrick, Case Keenum or their 4th round pick Tom Savage. Fitzpatrick has an average arm and forces late throws- a recipe for disaster. Its hard to have faith in Keenum after a far from pretty 2013 performance. Savage is not even close to ready. Like I said bleak is a generous describer of Houston’s quarterback situation.

It looks like it is really a two horse race for the starting job. They could favor the experience of Ryan Fitzpatrick. That being said, Savage will compete for the job. I did not have a high grade on the Pitt Panther. In fact I did not have him as a draft-able quarterback. To my dismay Savage climbed up draft boards late in the draft process. He has some talent but I was not impressed with his accuracy, footwork or his ability to read defenses and swiftly go through progressions. Savage is a project. Its that simple. If this was Bill O’Brien’s answer at quarterback he was wrong.

To the notion that none of the big three quarterbacks were worth the number 1 selection, I say who cares. I had very high grades on both Teddy Bridgewater and Johnny Manziel- it would be hard to call them egregious reaches at pick number 1. The accepted business practice in the NFL is stopping at nothing to find and secure your franchise quarterback. If you learn one thing from Kaepernick’s astronomical contract, its that teams will overpay in the present to secure a stable future under center.

The Texans were not stupid to add to their defensive front. A good way to deal with their secondary problems is to add fuel to their pass rush. Clowney, Watt and company will have a chance to lead the league in sacks. You cannot double team both Clowney and Watt, at least not consistently. The Texans will get great pass rush and stuff the run. Quarterback hurries will lead to turnovers. Long story short, the Texans have a chance to be dominating defensively.

Still the Texans need capable quarterback play. Without a legitimate quarterback is hard to take any team seriously. If the Texans found a quarterback they could win a Super Bowl soon. Clowney will be a great player but will never be able to match the value of a true franchise quarterback.

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