Westminster MD Yogolaada! Our Sponsor



Locations: Westminster and Pikesville

Yogolaada is the absolute best place to indulge your sweet tooth this Summer! I honestly cannot go a day without one of their delicious milkshakes. With the best price in Westminster and the best quality ingredients you can be proud supporting this up and coming business.

So here’s the fresh scoop: Yogolaada has high quality frozen yogurt and a delightful variety of flavors. Simply grab one of the stylish cups and mix flavors to your heart’s content. Then you can top it with all kinds of fresh fruits, decadent snacks and even gooey hot fudge-the kind that your taste buds demmand.

There are all kinds of options when it comes to milkshakes and smoothies. There are healthy options like the Strawberry-Banana smoothie with fresh cut strawberries and bananas. You can make a meal out of your smoothie by adding kale and or protein (This is great for those who need to eat on the go). If you want the ultimate treat the cookies and cream milkshake will make any day good. You can even invent your own milkshake! I invented a beauty: cookies and cream shake with fresh strawberries blended in!

Please go to Yogolaada and enjoy their refreshing treats! Tell them Chris from Common Sense Football sent you!

See you there!

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