Colin Kaepernick Got Paid

The San Francisco 49ers have made a six year commitment to quarterback Colin Kaepernick that will make him one of the league’s highest paid players. His contract extension through 2020 is worth $126 million with $61 million guaranteed. If you were keeping score- this is the most money guaranteed to any active player. Move over Matt Ryan, Tom Brady, Tony Romo, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers- Colin Kaepernick (at least in terms of contracts) has you beat. Did San Francisco overpay?

Like it or not this is probably the going rate for a young quarterback who gives you a chance at Super Bowl glory. Quarterbacks are the hottest commodity in all of professional sports and this contract is just another example supporting this claim. The least clutch quarterback, Tony Romo, got $55 million guaranteed and only has one playoff win. You can say that Colin Kaepernick got paid too much but you cannot say he did not get his market value. In 2012 he was one pass shy of what would have arguably been the greatest Super Bowl comeback of all time against the Baltimore Ravens. The 49ers reached a third consecutive NFC Championship appearance, the second with Kaepernick as the starting QB. Going into his third season as the starting quarterback the sky is the limit for him.

We tend to evaluate players as finished products; forgetting that players like Kaepernick are still developing. The 49ers feel they have a bright future ahead of them because this is just the beginning for their franchise passer. Kaepernick has the best quarterback tutor in the NFL in his head coach, Jim Harbaugh. The 49ers are paying for the future as much as they are paying for the present. While I don’t think his play has merited this much money, with one year left on his contract its understandable. If the 49ers won it all in 2014 the price tag would be obscene.

While the contract seems ridiculous, it is a fair indicator of his market value. Quarterbacks like Romo and Jay Cutler are less accomplished with much longer careers; Colin Kaepernick should get more guaranteed money. Each quarterback resets the market, the contracts will only continue to grow.

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