What Is It About The Cowboys That Screams Mediocrity?

By Chris Schisler

To some the Dallas Cowboys are America’s team but I can’t call them that with a straight face. Jerry Jones and company are not afraid to boast about the allure of the Cowboys despite being consistently mediocre. Today as we take a look at the once prestigious organization, brutal honesty is the only acceptable approach.

We will start by examining the Cowboys defense. Last season Dallas defense was horrible. They gave up yards through the air as if the offenses were playing against air. Stopping the run consistently was not in the cards for the ‘Boys.

It does not look like it will be better in 2014. Their best player Sean Lee tore his ACL and could miss the entire season. Lee was one of the few bright spots on the defense and fit perfectly in Monte Kiffin’s Tampa 2 defense. Right now their replacement is their fourth round draft pick Anthony Hitchens. I have heard rumors via various Twitter accounts that the Cowboys are considering bringing Brian Urlacher out of retirement. I did think Urlacher got a bad deal in Chicago but he is a year removed from the game. The bounty-gate tainted Jonathan Vilma is another option but both moves would reek of desperation.

Dallas promoted Rod Marinelli from defensive line coach to defensive coordinator. Instead of firing Monte Kiffin they gave him the title of assistant head coach. They fired Rob Ryan for having the 19th ranked defense a year earlier. I guess when you have the worst defense in team history they just switch a job title or two. This is just another example of the dysfunction that stems from Jerry Jones’s ownership. Last season they took away play-calling duties from head coach, Jason Garrett. Now I’m left scratching my head about what their head coach actually does. He was supposed to be a genius play-caller but he’s not. He manages games poorly and cannot seem to find the pulse of his team. The only reason Garrett is employed is that he is a Jerry Jones yes man. When Dallas took away the play-calling from Garrett, they took all credibility away from him as their head coach.

This brings me to the offense. Talent is not the problem-its just not. Sure Tony Romo is a turnover slot machine (work him a bit and you get the turnover jackpot) but he is talented. If he had a coach that reigned in some of his silliness he could be a good quarterback. Romo covers up a lot of bad in the Cowboys- he almost makes them legitimate. In fact inside the first three quarters he can be great. You can always count on Romo to implode late in the fourth quarter however. Most of that could be avoided by legitimate coaching.

The Cowboys have no idea what to do. A great example of all their problems was in their 37-36 loss to the Green Bay Packers this past season. Dallas had a 26-3 lead at the half and led until the final minutes of the game. Instead of running out the clock with Demarco Murray they kept passing. Murray with only 18 rushing attempts in the entire game was averaging 7.4 yards a carry and was well over the 100 yard mark. Literally all Dallas had to do was run the ball to win the game. Of course Romo kept passing and of course he started throwing interceptions. Dallas allowed Green Bay to record the largest comeback ever against the Dallas Cowboys. Embarrassingly it was MATT FLYNN not Aaron Rodgers quarterbacking the Pack. The most embarrassing part of the debacle, however was that Jerry Jones called it “Great entertainment.”

The Cowboys have won 1 playoff game since 1996. They have gone 8-8 for three seasons in a row. The year before that they were 6-10. They are mediocre. Thats the way they like it in that behemoth stadium. As long as the Cowboys star is the most marketable logo in professional sports, Jerry Jones could care less about the results. He can’t possibly care. No ego, no matter how big can remain inflated through this much failure. Jones cares more about the brand than he dies the team, and consistent mediocrity is the result.

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