Thanks For A Great Year

I just want to take a moment to thank every supporter of our little website as it celebrates its first birthday. To those who read our blog as a daily routine, thank you. For all the people who laughed along to John and I ranting about the game we love, thank you. Something special happened when John and I started this website. We formed an online community of football fans. We do it because its what we love to do. We do it for all of you.

Our mission statement from the very beginning was to take intelligent football talk and make it common sense. Our coverage of all things NFL, especially the Baltimore Ravens is rooted in this idea. An idea that football fans crave smart and in depth coverage. Instead of pandering to a crowd that cares more about their fantasy team- that barely pays attention to the games- that uses games to get belligerently drunk and sports radio to boast their unfounded thoughts-we build our site around you, the intelligent and eager students of the game. Because that is exactly what we are. We are committed to learning about the game, never satisfied with our “expertise.”

This is the start of year two for CSF. With almost 10,500 views already the sky is the limit for our website. From X’s and O’s to the NFL draft and breaking down the games- we have you covered! I can make you one promise, a promise we will always work hard to keep: you can expect great, diligent and inspired work from myself, John Langley and Common Sense Football.

Thank You.

Chris Schisler

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