Reactions From Ray Rice Press Conference

While seeming genuine and emotional Ray Rice was far from eloquent at his press conference. Using his phone rather than the tried and true method of note cards gave his speech an unprofessional feel. The intent was to come off as sincere- as if he was not reading from a script- though his style had a less than endearing effect. It was hard to take issue with what he said however. He admitted that he made a mistake saying that he failed miserably. He took accountability though it had poor me undertones. Rice really did not take any steps to repair his public image; in fact he probably made it worse. To be fair, there is nothing he can say that would fix anything. Knocking your fiancé out cold is not something a simple apology will do the trick with.

Some people have taken issue with his lack of apology to his wife, who he married after the incident. He did however say that they are working on his relationships through counseling and have gotten to a better place. He undoubtedly has apologized to his wife. He included her in the press conference but he was apologizing to everybody else. By not apologizing directly to his wife it may have come off as cold; people have to understand however that they have been working on their problems together. In fact his wife acknowledged her role in the awful incident. Some people will also take issue with this. I won’t. Both people made mistakes and she seemed genuine. It did not seem forced, she said what she felt she needed to. It reenforced the theme that they were working together in this horribly embarrassing ordeal for their family.

The strongest thing Rice said was probably this: “I failed miserably, but I wouldn’t call my self a failure, because Im working my way back up.” Words are cheap, actions are the only thing that can eventually fix this. Take this whole thing for what you will- I thought it was a poorly executed speech by Ray Rice but it was sincere.

One comment

  • Words can be cheap and people say a lot of them when they are trying to keep a job and a big contract. Kind sounds like the same bs we hear from disgraced politicians. Some how we as a people have decided it is OK to do what ever we want and as long as we say I am sorry there are no consequences. Is that right?

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