Let’s Get Back to Football

By Chris Schisler

Michael Sam being drafted was a big deal; despite the fact that he is a seventh round pick who may not make the Rams roster next fall. He is a pioneer, we all know he is the first openly gay player in NFL history. You can not possibly get away from the media frenzy around Michael Sam. Even if you lived under a rock, and where deaf, dumb and blind- you would still know every angle of this story. It is a big deal, but its time to get back to football.

I am all for anything and everything that spreads equality to everyone. This country’s architects wrote that every man was created equal- maybe some day we’ll live up to this national ideal. It is a big deal that an openly gay player was given this opportunity. We have come a long way, we acknowledged it, leave it be. The coverage of this story is ironic. I keep hearing the same sentiment- that someday this will be a non-issue and that will be a great day. I agree with the encouraging sentiment, but the media is fueling this obsession. Talking about Michael Sam, just fuels the hatred and closed minded thinking that is out there . The law of unintended consequences is a real pain in the rear. The media says the right things, invoking the negative and destructive comments from closed minded people. Then people who support the LGBT community then react to the homophobia- the closed minds see this as an attack on their beliefs and it becomes a tragic cycle of he said-she said. The only fair and compassionate way to treat Michael Sam the football player is to treat him like a football player.

My intent with this article is to help stop the never ending cycle of unintended consequences that I just described. My intent for these words is compassion. I do not wish to spark passionate debate because there is nothing to debate. The facts are Michael Sam is a football player. Michael Sam is gay. There is nothing wrong with that and if you think there is, growing up is in your best interests as a person. I am rooting for Michael Sam. He has gone through more chaos than anyone should while searching for a job in the profession he aspires to. He has handled his business like a professional- he is clearly a high character young man. If you want to condemn him to burn in hell for eternity than I would like to ignore you for eternity. I am rooting for the man.

From this point on I will only talk about Michael Sam as a football player, trying to make his way on the St. Louis Rams roster. His sexuality makes no difference in your life. If you have a problem with him kissing his boyfriend in an emotional moment, may I call you a hypocrite? Johnny Manziel is practically worshiped for his success attracting beautiful women. When AJ McCarron kisses Katherine Webb after a game no one thinks anything about it other than maybe a little jealousy. What may I ask, is the difference? Love is love and there is nothing dirty, scandalous or hateful about it. The man was born that way, let him be happy. Treat others as you wish to be treated; a rule of common decency anyone should attempt to follow. We all our different but we all have the same undeniable human rights. If you are shaking your head in disgust I am not judging you; I am asking you to not judge others.

Lets get back to football. It’s the only compassionate and fair thing to do.

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