Crazy Round 1 Concludes

Chris Schisler

Well we were wrong about something at commonsense football, as we toned down the expectation for trades. The first round had as many twists and turns as a suspenseful movie or TV Show. It was an incredible night as football met its top rookies.

The draft started off as expected. Houston selected Jadeveon Clowney first overall. St.Louis chose a safe pick in left tackle, Gregg Robinson. That is where the expected stopped, and the crazy began. Blake Bortles was the first quarterback taken as Jacksonville grabbed him with the 3rd pick; despite the expectation of Khalil Mack as their pick. The Bills made a lopsided trade with Cleveland (Giving up next years number 1 and fourth round pick) to select Sammy Watkins.

Cleveland then traded from 9 to 8 with Minnesota. Everyone assumed they would take Johnny Manziel. Instead Cleveland took Oklahoma State cornerback, Justin Gilbert. The Common Sense Football guys hade Gilbert as the fourth ranked cornerback. This was arguably a bit of a reach, and puzzling after a trade. The Browns would end up drafting Manziel after trading from pick 26 to the 22nd selection.

The biggest reach of the night was the Miami Dolphins selecting Ju’Waun James at pick 19. James was thought of to be picked in the third or fourth round. Morgan Moses, Billy Turner and Antonio Richardson were all tackles I had ranked higher than James. This reach makes the Miami Dolphins the big loser of the night- they forced themselves to fill a need- passing on many better players.

Minnesota, who drafted Anthony Barr with the 9th selection, traded for the last pick of the evening. They drafted Teddy Bridgewater, the QB from Louisville. This was an incredible win for Minnesota. Bridgewater who I thought was the best passer in this draft, should never had fallen this far. The Vikings got a steal, drafting the most polished of the first round quarterbacks.

Big winners
1.) St.Louis Rams: They got two dominant players in one night.
2.) Cleveland Browns: They got their QB, to legitimize their organization
3.) Minnesota Vikings: They got two talented players including a QB for the future.

Biggest Loser
1.) Miami Dolphins: Thar was an unforgivable reach.

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