NFL Draft Day Q&A

Question 1 is from Troy Wilmore (@TroyWilmore): If the Ravens trade places withthe 49ers who will the Ravens take?

There seems to be an idea that the Harbaugh brother’s teams would be potential trading partners tonight. The idea is not at all ridiculous. The Ravens would love to move down and get more picks, while the 49ers would love to trade up to get a receiver. While this trade would surprise me lets look down this hypothetical path.

The Ravens would want to swap picks and get the 7th pick of round two from San Francisco. It would be much more realistic for the Ravens to swap first round picks, and getting a third. The 49ers two biggest needs are WR and CB. If they traded up they probably would be targeting Odell Beckham Jr. The Ravens would pick 30th in the first round. There options would potentially include Calvin Pryor, Brandin Cooks and Jason Verrett.

Question 2 is from my Dad (Not on Twitter): Does the death of Ralph Wilson (The Bills Owner) affect the way the team will draft?

First off, let me say that the NFL lost a great man in Ralph Wilson. Secondly let me say I don’t think his death affects the Bills drafting. Wilson was a good owner who hired people to make football decisions for him. The real question is does the death of Ralph Wilson affects the location of the Bills? The NFL once a team in Los Angeles, the NFL wants a team in Toronto the NFL would love a team in England. Wilson would never move the team, let’s see if the new owner will take the same position. But as far as drafting no I don’t think it makes an impact; it’s a very fair question however.

Question 3 is from Tracy Cole (@Tracy_Cole65) Who do you think the Ravens select in rounds 1,2 & 3.

I think Ozzie will select the best player available, throughout this entire draft. At pick 17 if Clinton-Dix is there thats the easy pick; it fills a need with the best player. What we do in each successive round depends on the previous picks. I will give you the perfect scenario: Round 1- Hasean Clinton-Dix FS Alabama Round 2: Morgan Moses, OT Virginia Round 3 DaQuan Jones DT Penn State, Round 3 (compensatory) Terrance West RB Towson.

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