It Takes 2 To Trade

It’s hard to predict where trades will come in the NFL draft. Of course there’s always speculation over hundreds and hundreds of trades that never happen. If you go on Twitter at the moment you’ll see talk of 8 teams trying to move up to number one… None of that is going to happen. There is an overwhelming amount of talent in this draft class. In fact it might be the deepest draft that anyone has ever seen. When you have so many great players there’s less desperation to trade up. In this draft at least in the first round if you can’t get a good player at your pick you have a problem. There are always trades and they are always the hardest part to predict of the NFL draft. I don’t see a lot of trades happening tonight.

I don’t believe Houston will find many suitors to trade down with. while everyone covets Clowney, no one is going to pay a fortune for him in draft picks. Because there is more than one player deserving of the number one selection. Greg Robinson is an amazing left tackle prospect, Sammy Watkins is a truly unbelievable wide receiver & don’t count out any of the big three quarterbacks. St. Louis will be happy to pick at two. Jacksonville and Cleveland will get good football players. It’s just not worth trading up.

Atlanta probably has received the most speculation in terms of teams looking to trade up. This is probably rooted in the fact that they traded up so many draft picks for Julio Jones just a few years ago. This is not reality. There is no snippet of information, that I can digest, that would tell me the Atlanta Falcons are going to trade up to get the number one pick. I am not in the war room but something tells me this is the work of fans. Atlanta will get a damn good football player at pick six.

The Baltimore Ravens and MO is trading down. To trade down you need to find a trading partner. I believe Baltimore will pick the best player available. It is not unimaginable to believe that Baltimore could trade with San Francisco or perhaps New England. The problem is we don’t know what’s going to happen; yes we talk about these trades like we have inside information. And that’s the fun with the National Football League draft, anything can happen.

I am not saying that there will be no trades. I am saying that the great draft plus gives less incentive for trades. Sure there will be teams that want to trade down so they can get more draft picks. There won’t be a lot of teams that want to trade up and surrender picks. I’m also trying to tell you that this is one of the unpredictable parts of the draft. Mock drafts are frivolous enough without unintelligible trades. It’s draft day. All we can do is wait & see.

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