Prepare for Anything: Uncertainty Is In Surplus In Regards to The Draft.

Every year there are surprises in the National Football League, draft a curveball that throws you for a loop is inevitable. Whether it is a big trade where he player going way before anyone imagined there’s always something to look out for. Draft of surprises are often horrible mistakes but NFL decision-makers but sometimes there are decisions that could work out for the best. An example of a horrible mistake would be the Oakland Raiders selecting Darius Heyward-Bay; or Josh McDaniels drafting Tim Tebow at the end of the first round. The Julio Jones trade is an example of something that worked out for both teams. Cleveland got a boatload of draft picks and Atlanta got a star; it was a surprise that got everybody. Where will the curveball be coming this year?

The big question of round one is where do the quarterbacks go? There are plenty of quarterback customer teams in the top 10. The Browns need a quarterback like nobody else Oakland Raiders are using Matt Schaub as a one-year place holder and the Jacksonville Jaguars have given up on the Blaine Gabbert experiment. There is nothing certain in this crop of quarterbacks. Teddy Bridgewater had a bad pro day, Johnny Manziel has a lot of errors on tape and Blake Bortles has not proven himself with enough game tape. The big three quarterbacks are worth a high first round selection; there is much overanalysis being done. However it is not like 2012 where the first two picks were obviously Andrew luck and RG3 before the draft. If teams select the quarterbacks early on players at other positions will fall lower in the draft. If the quarterbacks do not go early on teams who do not need a quarterback will not be pleased.

No one really knows what Houston is going to do with the first overall selection. There is pressure for Houston to trade the pick. Clowney is not a system fits the way that Khalil Mack is. They may trade down to take a quarterback, as this is their most pressing need to restoring themselves as a power in the AFC. But as I alluded to trading down does not ensure they get the quarterback that they covet.

There are conflicting opinions on many players. For example something Taylor Lewan is a top 10 caliber player others fear character concerns drop him out of the first 15. Some people are an enamored with Justin Gilbert’s athleticism and consider him the best cornerback in the draft. Others see Gilbert as unpolished needing work on fundamental skills. This is just two more examples that explain why the draft is so unpredictable.

The first round of the 2014 National Football League draft should be something to see. There has been an extra month leading up to the draft, but there is more uncertainty than ever. Surely nothing should come as a surprise in the this year’s NFL draft. Anything could happen. That makes this year truly and wonderfully unique. Be sure to listen to me and John Langley as we break every thing down during the draft. Have a Common Sense Football perspective as your companion through the twists and turns of the NFL draft

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