NFL Draft Q&A

NFL Draft Q&A
-Chris Schisler
Question 1 is submitted by Joe Wedra (@JoeWedra): Thoughts on Bridgewater’s stock?

My Answer: Now that the draft is in May many players are victims of over analysis and nitpicking. Bridgewater is one of these victims. A month ago he was considered the cream of the QB crop, now some people see him as a second rounder. Fortunately for the Louisville quarterback I don’t think NFL decision maker’s evaluations have changed that dramatically. Players are evaluated mostly by what they do on the football field, when it matters. Bridgewater has more strengths and less problems in his game than Johnny Football or Blake Bortles in my opinion. Bridgewater has arm talent and was accurate on tape against tight coverage. He extends plays with his athletic ability, but maintains a passer looking down field. I also see him as a more pro-ready quarterback who forced less throws than Manziel and Bortles. If you told me that Bridgewater’s stock has fallen slightly below Manziel and Bortles, I can buy that. To say that he is not a first round quarterback however is ridiculous. The tape speaks for itself.
Question 2 is submitted by Tracy Cole (@Tracy_Cole65): Will the Ravens draft a quarterback and what round will they do it?
My Answer: The Ravens are in the market for a backup quarterback. It seems like they are done with Tyrod Taylor as he has shown to be incompetent under center. I am of the opinion though that the Ravens would rather add a veteran backup than a rookie. If I am wrong the Ravens would draft a quarterback in the later rounds. It seems likely that TJ Yates or David Carr could be free agent options- two former Houston Texans that know Kubiak’s system.
Question 3 is submitted by Greg Embert (@greg_embert): Have the Ravens done enough in free agency to allow them to draft best player available in round 1?
My Answer: Greg, I think so. The Ravens got quite a lot done in free agency. They resigned key players and added a weapon in Steve Smith as well as a reliable tight end in Owen Daniels. Going into the draft Baltimore has only two desperate needs, a right tackle and a free safety. I don’t think the Ravens are drafting a tackle in round 1; right tackles can be found later in the draft. If Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is available at 17 that would have to be the selection. There is however a more than likely chance that Clinton-Dix is taken before the Ravens pick. The Ravens could trade down if this happens. However I think they would have no problem picking the best player available. The Ravens may have only two pressing needs, but they could use good football players at a variety of positions. At pick 17 Baltimore needs value. They will draft the best player on their board to ensure they get it.
Question 4 is from Kristofer A. Nichols (KristoferA_): How far do you think Lewan drops because of off the field issues:
My Answer: I don’t think Lewan will fall far. From an athletic standpoint you could argue that Lewan is the second best left tackle prospect. Lewan is young and he made a mistake; I won’t crucify him for that. Will there be a team who won’t touch him because of it? Sure. But NFL ball clubs are about what can you do for me- Lewan can do a lot for them. I see Lewan as a first round pick however I think he falls outside of the top 10.
Question 5 is from Jim Brookshire (JDBrooks07): Do you see many first round trades?
My Answer: There are always a few trades in the first round; some years there are more than others. This does not look to be a trade heavy first round in my opinion. Houston seemingly wants to trade the first selection, but it’s hard to imagine them having any takers. There are several players worthy of a number 1 selection. I don’t see anyone desperate enough to make a big splash to get Clowney because it is such a good draft class. I could see trades in the middle of the first round. The 49ers, Patriots or Panthers may try to trade into the late teens to grab a stud receiver like Odell Beckham Jr. The Ravens may trade back if Clinton-Dix is unavailable. This is the most unpredictable part of the draft.
Question 6: Comes from Rob The Elite Wizard (@SupermanRob2914): If the Ravens trade down who would be their targets later in the first round?
My Answer: If the Ravens trade back I think they would target Calvin Pryor the safety out of Louisville. I think the Ravens would hesitate to draft Pryor at 17 but at pick 25 they’d do it with ease. They could also be targeting a guy like Devante Adams or Ra’Shede Hageman.
Question 7: Comes from Andrew Maas: (@AMAAS): Despite what Ozzie said at this week’s presser do you think Rice’s situation makes them draft a RB early in the draft?
My answer: Andrew, NFL GM’s are known to lie before the draft, especially the good ones like Ozzie Newsome. That said I don’t think the Ravens draft a running back until the third round. They have more pressing needs and I don’t think anyone will take a runningback until round two. The Ravens will draft one in the third or fourth round.

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