Ravens Need Value At 17

Conventional wisdom would have the Ravens using the 17th overall pick on a free safety or a right tackle. These are the Ravens two big needs. There is a problem with this conventional wisdom. Hasean Clinton-Dix will likely be off the board at 17. Do the Ravens pull a slight reach and draft Calvin Pryor? Baltimore can get better value at pick 17. The Ravens will only draft a tackle if Lewan is there. They can get a quality right tackle later. Conventional wisdom says that the Ravens will draft a position of need; but the Ravens will not force the issue. There are other options at pick 17.

A more realistic option is the Ravens selecting Odell Beckham Jr., the third best wide receiver in the draft. This will give the Ravens a longterm tandem in Torrey Smith and Beckham Jr. If Kyle Fuller was still available he would be an option. Cornerback is not a pressing round 1 need but he would be of great value at 17.

If the Ravens are hellbent on drafting a free safety- and Clinton-Dix is gone-they will likely trade back a few spots. I’m all for filling holes in the depth chart but they better get the best value for their pick.


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