Johnson Signing Continues Great Jets Offseason

Chris Schisler

The New York Jets have signed three big name free agents in Eric Decker, Michael Vick and now Chris Johnson. After going 7-9 with Geno Smith under center (which is overachieving) the Jets are focused on offense. Head coach Rex Ryan, earned another shot. After trying not to be the joke of the NFL in 2013; the Jets have much higher expectations for 2014. Michael Vick may not be a great quarterback, but he is capable of great moments. Vick does not need to be a rock star, he needs to not be terrible. With better QB play the Jets can lean on their running game and always impressive defense.

When no one gave the Jets a snowballs chance in hell, Rex Ryan had them just on the outside of a playoff appearance. Ryan may have plenty of critics but this past season is an example of his finest work. There is a blueprint to Rex’s success. And no I’m not talking about what he says but what he does. The Jets want to play a ground and pound style and let the organized chaos of the defense beat you. Rex Ryan did a pretty good job sticking to that blueprint and the Jets did better than anyone expected. No one believed in the man or his team, but the Jets played hard for him. Rex Ryan took a sinking ship and got to land… it was not always pretty but it worked. This earned Rex one more chance, this time he must deliver playoff success to keep his job.

Much like Vick, Chris Johnson is far removed from his best seasons. Johnson may not be the feature back he once was but he is still a decent back. A decent back who perfectly pairs with Bilal Powell. Vick and Johnson provide a lot of big play capability for one backfield. Be honest, back in the day who did not pair Vick with Johnson in Madden. I know I did, anyway. The Jets defense will be strong, the question is ( as it always has been under Rex) how the offense will fair. Jeff Cumberland is a great security blanket for any QB, Eric Decker is quite talented. Have little doubt the Jets will draft a wide receiver this May. There is no reason the offense cannot be at least adequate.

The Jets were inconsistent in 2013. One week they destroyed Drew Brees and the Saints and the next week they got killed by the Bengals. The important take away is that the Jets had a lot of positive moments, and it seemed as if they were heading in the right direction. The Jets are a better team- in terms of talent- than they were in 2013.There is no reason the Jets cannot be better in 2014. I am not calling them contenders. I am not saying they will win their division. What I am saying is that they have a chance to get into the postseason. They were close to the postseason last season and now they have more talent and experience on offense.

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  • Ok i thought you were crazy but admittedly i did not know about the additions. The Jets could have a chance and Rex Ryan does a good job motivating his team.

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