5 Reasons Owen Dainels Signing Makes Sense

The Baltimore Ravens have signed long time Texans tight end Owen Daniels to a one year contract. Daniels follows his former head coach, Gary Kubiak to the Charm City. Here are the 5 reasons the move makes sense:

1.) Owen Daniels is a luxury. A good tight end is something not every team has. The Ravens now have 2 dependable pass catching tight ends. This gives them a lot of options offensively. Daniels has a troubling injury history and is an old man by NFL standards. Thats just fine. It’s a one year deal with no risk to the Ravens. Daniels does not have to be a world beater. If he is serviceable he will be a great number two tight end.

2.) He already knows the offense. The Ravens are installing a new offense. To Daniels, however the playbook will be nothing new. Having a smart, team oriented player like Owen Daniels there will help the younger players learn the offense.

3.) Daniels can do some of the dirty work. The job of the number 2 tight end requires some blocking. Kubiak will move Daniels around. Don’t be surprised to see him next to Flacco in the shotgun. Gary Kubiak lines his tight ends up anywhere and everywhere. Daniels understanding of Kubiak’s varied roles for the tight ends and his ability make him a solid signing.

4.) Gary Kubiak uses more two tight end sets more than anyone in the National Football League. Pairing Dennis Pitta and Owen Daniels together might make the best tight end duo Kubiak has ever had.

5.) You can never have enough smart veterans on your team. Daniels is a great addition to the locker room.

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