West Coast Approach Perfect for Joe and The Ravens

I have heard concerns about the west coast offense not matching with Joe Flacco’s strong arm style of play. It is as if people hear west coast and think it is a dink and dunk offense that is designed only for weak armed passers. People seem to forget legends like Joe Montana, Steve Young and Brett Favre were west coast trained. Flacco is a little like Favre in the sense that he is a big strong passer who is not afraid to let it fly (their personalities are total opposites). I firmly feel the west coast offense will behoove Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens.

The west coast offense is all about timing and precision. Instead of the typical long developing pass plays that Jim Caldwell and Cam Cameron ran, Joe will have a quick release and well defined progression.

The Ravens offensive line is still a definitive question mark. The west coast passing game will help the line, as it features mostly 3 and 5 step drop backs. This offense will help Flacco develop a rhythm. It will also set up the deep bomb he throws so effectively. Instead of sending receivers on uninventive 9 routes all the time, this offense will milk the short and intermediate passing game. In turn the deep bomb will open right up. Flacco will throw deep less, but hit much more.

The offense will also utilize the speed and quickness of the Ravens receivers. Torrey Smith, Steve Smith & Jacoby Jones all have one thing in common. They are all precise route runners with ability to get YAC (Yards After Catch).
Steve Smith and Joe Flacco are going to dominate with quick slant, a staple of the west coast passing game (They will subsequently dominate with the sluggo route). The west coast offense uses route concepts that allow the receiver to run after the catch.

Gary Kubiak coming to Baltimore will be the Ravens saving grace offensively. Where there was aloof long developing pass plays, there will now be quick precise bullets flying out of Flacco’s right hand. The Ravens will no longer attack the deep bomb relentlessly. They will set up the deep bomb and use it more wisely. The Ravens offense at least in theory will take the next step they have been desperately waiting to take.

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