A Very Deep Draft

The 2014 draft is probably the deepest draft that I can remember. The most amazing thing about this draft is that there is little separation among the top prospects. It is a perfect situation for a guy like me who needs to give you quality draft content everyday. Common Sense Football started its coverage of the 2014 draft in February and there subsequently has not been a boring day since.

In 2012 all the talk was about the two quarterbacks, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. The draft conversations got dulled because we knew they would go in the first two picks. This season is completely different. People are genuinely excited about the entire draft, and its easy to see why.

There are probably 6 players that would be worthy of the top pick in the draft. You can make an argument for any of the top three quarterbacks. Jadeveon Clowney is the most intriguing athlete I have ever seen. Then Houston looks at guys like Gregg Robinson and Sammy Watkins and the decision just gets harder.

There is so much talent in this draft class that your selection does not matter in the first round. If you cannot get a damn good football player in this first round you’re just not good at drafting.

If you’re in the pass rusher market and you cannot get Clowney the jackpot can still be had. Khalil Mack is a true outside linebacker and is probably a more well rounded football player than Clowney. Anthony Barr, Kony Ealy and Dee Ford are all fantastic options in the DE/OLB positions.

If you need a receiver or a tight end, there are high quality players to be had well into the draft. Eric Ebron, Jace Amaro and Austin Seffarian-Jenkins are all tight ends that can make an impact as a rookie. Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans sit on top of the wider receiver board but they are not alone. It would not be inconceivable for 5-8 receivers being selected in round 1. Teams can still find starters into the third round at receiver.

The draft is deep at cornerback and safety. For example Tre Boston the a starting caliber Free Safety can probably be had in the fourth round.

The Texans are apparently shopping the number 1 overall pick. This makes sense for Houston, they want to get as many good players as they can in a deep draft. I do not think Houston will have many takers for that trade. There is a surplus of talent at the top of the draft class. General managers will therefore have less desperation to trade up.

This draft promises to be a lot of fun.

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