Broncos Go All In For 2014

By Chris Schisler

The reigning AFC Champions are far from satisfied; the Broncos want the Lombardi trophy that keeps eluding them. John Elway and company will stop at nothing to get the Super Bowl won. There is just one problem with this picture. The Broncos are mortgaging their future with irresponsible spending this free agency period.

Elway convinced Peyton Manning to become a Bronco with a Super Bowl championship as the only goal. In Manning’s two seasons wearing blue and orange the Broncos have suffered heartbreaking defeats in the postseason. The Broncos fell to the eventual world champion Baltimore Ravens in 2012, and got beaten 43-8 in the Super Bowl this past season.

Clearly Manning and the offense is not to blame for their Super devastation (at least this is what Elway’s moves indicate as the organization’s belief). This would be treason at the highest possible level. No it was the defenses fault (that’s why Denver only scored 8 points). The Broncos just threw a heaping pile of cash at their defense.

First they give Aqib Talib a 6 year deal with $26 million of the contracts $57 million guaranteed. Then they give Demarcus Ware a 3 year $30 million deal. Aqib Talib is a good corner but is not nearly as dominant as his contract suggests. DeMarcus Ware is an aging pass rusher. The moral of the story is that Denver rashly overpaid two players that may only help them in the short term, with contracts that will haunt them in the near future.

This is not decision making that indicates a powerful front office. This is decision making indicates a doubtful front office. Clearly the Broncos have put every egg they’ll ever have into the Peyton Manning will win us a Super Bowl basket. The franchise understands that Peyton’s career is nearing it’s end and they don’t think they can win without him. The obvious choice is to win now. Tomorrow is irrelevant if today is all that matters to you, I guess.

The Broncos are in a weak division. The Chiefs are a fake good team as Alex Smith will never scare Peyton Manning. The Chargers are the real threat to Denver though it took a miracle for them to make it to the postseason. Even after losing Eric Decker to the Jets, Denver did not need these signings to be a playoff team. They probably don’t need these signings to be the number 1 seed for a 3rd straight year. Last time I checked the Broncos were far away from being a bad team. While they certainly have issues to overcome the Broncos did not need to make a reckless splash in the free agent market.

There are no assumptions in the NFL, but come on, we know Denver would be a good team any way. The Broncos are all but assured a playoff spot (with a healthy) Peyton Manning under center. As Peyton’s little brother has proven twice you just need to get into the playoffs and anything can happen.

So go ahead Broncos fan. Shout and dance in the street. Rub off your Super Bowl embarrassment- you just won free agency. But in a few years when Manning calls it quits and you become an after thought in the AFC ask yourself one question: Was it worth it?

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