Draft Profile: Eric Ebron TE UNC

Draft Profile: Eric Ebron TE UNC

By Chris Schisler

Eric Ebron is one of the most impressive athletes in the 2014 NFL draft class. A tight end with his speed and size is almost unfair for NFL defenses. Ebron will be a future playmaker and is worthy of a top 15 selection come May 8, 2014.


1.) Athletic Ability: Ebron is a fast tight end with a big 6’4” body. He ran a respectable 4.60 40 time but I think this is misleading. He plays a bit faster than that on the football field. He has great leaping ability and can make the tough catches in traffic.

2.) Red Zone Threat: Ebron is dominant in the red zone. Much of this is to do with his ability to go up and grab just about anything. With long strong arms and great jumping ability the circus catch is routine for Eric Ebron.

3.) Mismatch Creator: Eric Ebron is too fast for linebackers and too big for defensive backs. Covering Ebron is not something that will be easy.


1.) Height: You would like Ebron to be a bit taller than 6’4”. Jimmy Graham for example is 6’7” and has similar athleticism to Ebron. This is nitpicking though as the physical tools make Ebron just as dangerous as Graham.

2.) Hands: Ebron does not have flawless hands and he drops some easy ones despite catching the improbable with relative ease.

Common Sense Prospect Ranking:

Eric Ebron is ranked 8th on the CSF big board.

NFL Comparison: Vernon Davis

Vernon Davis is a comparable 6’3” with comparable measurables. I think however that Ebron may end up being a better version of Davis

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