Houston is On The Clock

-Chris Schisler

The Houston Texans have the number 1 pick in the 2014 draft and in my eyes there is only one acceptable selection. Houston’s downfall was the lack of good quarterback play. The Texans have to get their quarterback of the present and future. Therefore the only acceptable selection is Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater.

Teddy Bridgewater is the best quarterback in this very respectable 2014 draft class. While all the pre draft hype is going to Johnny Manziel, Bridgewater is simply better. He has all the strengths of Manziel and less weaknesses and concerns.

What makes Teddy the best? He has all the tools. He has great footwork, great arm talent, accuracy and a high football IQ. Bridgewater’s main weakness is that he tends to put to much touch on his passes and often throws the ball high.

Johnny Manziel has a lot of little problems in his game that could be problematic in his transition into the NFL. Manziel has to work on his mechanics. Often he lazily drops back- knowing his feet are like a get out of jail free card. Late throws that are forced into coverage are a constant concern for Johnny Football. Interceptions in the red zone were an all to common occurrence. Manziel never gives up on a play but half the time he runs around aimlessly taking his eyes off his targets and to the escape route. The magician act works more than it doesn’t but the act will wear thin on NFL coaches. Manziel has a bit of Brett Favre in him. Johnny Manziel is a gunslinger who loves him some Johnny Manziel. We will have to wait to see if Johnny Football has the same Favre magic in the pros. While Manziel is talented and has a high ceiling he has more concerns for NFL decision makers then Teddy Bridgewater does. One of these concerns is also the media circus Manziel can so easily spin out of control.

Jadeveon Clowney is also talked about as a potential first pick overall. Clowney is the most freakishly athletic defensive end/OLB I have seen enter the draft in some time. Clowney is a fan favorite because of a highlight reel of nothing but explosive hits. Imagining the Gamecocks defensive end opposite of J.J. Watt is very very daunting. As nice as a combo as that would be Houston cannot pass up on a franchise quarterback. They have a very talented defense already.

Teddy Bridgewater should be the number 1 pick. With Houston on the clock all we can do is wait til May to find out if they agree with me.

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