Lopsided Super Bowl

The Seattle Seahawks are world champions after laying a world class beat down on the Denver Broncos. Seattle could do no wrong and won with the shocking score of 43-8. A lot if people picked Seattle but very few thought it would be a blowout.

At halftime the Seahawks were up 22-0. I was not sold the game was over. Denver had a future hall of famer under center and many weapons. I was convinced that Peyton Manning would heat up and at least make it a game. Seattle could care less how great the Broncos were. When Percy Harvin’s TD opening kick return was recorded; it was clear that Seattle would show no mercy.

This was the Super Bowl that was not so Super. It was a one sided affair. The commercials were stale. To be fair the halftime show was better than some in recent memory, and at least the power stayed on. I just can’t help but feel robbed of football’s finest day.

A blowout in the Super Bowl used to be common. The last real blow out was in Super Bowl 37, when the Buccaneers spanked the Raiders. We have been spoiled by great game after great game.

Seattle played magnificently. They played so well that the one sided game took until the second half to become unexciting. Seattle earned it fair and square. Seahawks fans got their money’s worth. I was glad to see Seattle win but I was disappointed in the lack of drama in the game.

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