What I’d Like The Ravens New Offense to Look Like

The Baltimore Ravens are looking for a new offensive coordinator. With a new coordinator there comes a new philosophy. Here are 5 elements I want to see in the new Ravens offense.

1.) Base 12 Personnel

I want our base offense to be 12 personnel (1 back, 2 TE). With 2 athletic and versatile tight ends you can line up in essentially any formation. I think what the Patriots did with Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez was a great example of what I’m talking about.

2.) No Huddle

I want the Ravens to run a no huddle offense. This does not mean they need to have a frantic pace like Chip Kelly runs in Philadelphia. This means that the Ravens get to the line, control who comes in and out of the game and fatigue the defense. The offense will make calls based on the pre-snap read of quarterback Joe Flacco. This must be Flacco’s show. It is time.

3.) West Coast Passing Attack

Many times I hear that Joe Flacco is not a fit for the west coast offense. When I hear this my blood starts to boil. When most people hear the term west coast they think of a dink and dunk passing game. When I say West Coast that is not at all what I mean. It is a methodical timing based passing attack,that stretches the defense laterally, setting up big throws down the field.

The west coast offense would be a great thing for the Ravens. Joe would systematically release the ball after his drop back and throw to a precise spot. The routes are generally connected to the feet of the quarterback. If Joe takes a 5 step drop the receiver must be where he is supposed to be in 10 strides. When done right the west coast passing game is hard to stop.

4.) Less Shotgun, More variations of Formations.

The Ravens ran most of their 2013 offense with Joe in the shotgun. This is one of the reasons the run game struggled. The shotgun is Joe Flacco’s comfort zone and is useful in passing situations. It will continue to be a portion of the offense. There just needs to be more variation.

There needs to be a lot more variation in the entire offense. Was it a rule that the Ravens had to line up in the same formation every snap? Because that is exactly what they did in 2013.

My idea is to consistently give the defense a different look while using mostly the same 12 personnel grouping; all while in a huddle free offense. I prefer a lot of pre-snap motions as well. This can reveal what coverage the defense is playing ( man or zone) and can create more favorable match ups for the offense. The offense should constantly be looking to exploit the match ups that are in its favor.

5.) Marry the West Coast Passing game with a Power Run Game.

The Ravens need to stay committed to the running game. I prefer a zone blocking scheme, but with this offensive line that may be a problem. The Ravens should probably use a mixture of schemes. The Ravens went to the playoffs 5 years in a row being a physical running team. It is time to get back to it.


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