Last Minute Thoughts on Seahawks/ Saints

Stuck at work, pushing carts in the rain I thought about football. It was all I could do to fake smiles and wish the masses a good day. I came up with some ideas about the Seahawks game against the Saints that I deemed worth sharing.

There is one thought that keeps pounding through my brain. It is really more of a question than a thought. Who are the New Orleans Saints? I do not question their offense. But who are the Saints defensively?

It was hard not to be impressed with the Saints run defense against Philadelphia’s elusive LeSean McCoy. It is equally challenging to be sold on the Saints defense. Every time I am impressed with the defense they let me down. Do I have to remind Saints fans of Zach Stacey?

I have come to the conclusion, that the Saints can be dominated on the ground. If I am correct not to trust Rob Ryan’s squad then Seattle will be able to pound the rock in tonight’s game. I expect a big day out of Marshawn Lynch.

Why do I not trust the Saints defense? Ryan’s defense is over aggressive. The defensive linemen tend to take themselves out of the play. Linebackers get caught in the trash. Pre snap motions force the defense to adjust. The Saints often get out of position before the snap of the ball. (I would run unbalanced sets and counter to the weak side). The run defense can be good when the linemen do their jobs. I don’t think they can be consistent enough to be a great defense.

The Seahawks love to run the football. In a Twitter conversation this morning @RealBobManning wondered how the Seahawks would use Percy Harvin. That is when the fun started for my football mind.

I thought against an over aggressive defense a couple of options would be a Harvin reverse or a jet sweep (possibly a designed shovel pass on jet sweep play).

I also thought about Seattle running a wildcat offense. As much as I tend to loathe this kink to the NFL running game the match up favors it. Imagine Lynch taking the direct snap with Harvin coming across for the potential sweep rush. If you could use the jet sweep successfully once, the Saints may overreact to it. Just the threat of Harvin burning them again would set up big runs from Lynch.

Here is a non wildcat idea. If the Saints blitz Russell Wilson this could backfire. Russell Wilson is best when he rolls out and can kill you with both his legs and his arm. Blitzing Wilson may force him to roll out feeding into Wilson’s strengths. I’m not saying not to apply pressure but blitzes should be designed to keep Russell Wilson in the pocket.

We already know the zone read play will be a great option all day.

The Saints defense needs to play smart in this game. Defensive linemen cannot back door plays. Linebackers must flow to the football. Outside contain is critical. There should always be a man responsible for the cut back.

I hope you enjoyed my ideas about the game. I find it fitting that I thought up this article while in the rain; weather is another big factor in this game.

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