Quick Thoughts On Football: Don’t Do It Roger!

Chris Schisler

The NFL playoffs are perfect. Literally it is football perfection. There is not a flaw in the current system. Nothing beats the quality, nothing matches the drama or the excitement of NFL playoffs.
Roger Goodell must disagree with me. He wants to add two more playoff teams. He wants playoff games on Fridays through Mondays. In other words Goodell wants to tarnish the integrity of the game for a greater playoff profit.

In the NFL only 12 teams (6 from each conference) qualifies for the postseason. This means that only 37.5% of the leagues teams make it.

The hardest thing in team sports is to win a Super Bowl. Not only is it hard to make the playoffs in the NFL but it is hard to win in the playoffs. In baseball, basketball and hockey teams play 7 game series. That means you can have 3 bad days and 4 good days to advance. 1 bad day in pro football and your done.

One could argue College Football is harder to win a championship. After all, 1 loss in regular season play can ruin your chances of a championship. Then again college powers schedule a few powder puff games and make sure they are home for their toughest opponents. In the NFL there are no easy games.

The fact that the Super Bowl is so hard to get to makes it so highly coveted. 32 teams fight for a chance just to compete for it in the playoffs. 12 teams fight for it. 1 team stands alone as the best football team in the world.

How can Roger Goodell do this expansion of the playoffs? How could he even think about this expansion? A man who is so quick with his catch phrase “integrity of the game” is so quick to ruin the game’s integrity.

I’m sorry Roger, the Cowboys were average. I’m sorry the Steelers were average. I’m sorry you want every big market team, every large fan base to make it. But awarding average and mediocre teams a playoff seed is lowering the league’s standards. Last time I checked lowering standards was not a good thing.

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