Commonsensefootball Divisional Round Predictions

After an exciting opening weekend of playoff action, the divisional round hopes to hold true to the playoff form of tough football. The commonsense football crew will make their predictions and see how they stack up when all is said and done.


Broncos vs Chargers: Prediction Chargers 

I think the Chargers run game is a big factor here. I think they can put up a ton of points on Denver if they need to. I think the Chargers limit Peyton’s opportunities, dominating time of possession. 
X-Factor of the Game is Keenan Allen on 3rd downs. Rivers loves going to Allen for the big play. I’m going on a limb but I really do think San Diego can beat Denver again.
Patriots vs Colts
Patriots. As much as I would love to see the Colts win this game it is hard to trust them. They have laid some eggs this season. If they get behind big to the Patriots they’re done. I think Patriots win this game. It will be a shoot out. I think the match up actually favors the Colts in many ways. I just cannot trust the Colts to show up from the beginning and the full game. If Kansas City can put up 44 just imagine what Tom Brady can do against you. 

Saints vs Seahawks

I have the Seahawks winning. They are the better team and have a brutally tough home field advantage. The Saints have had troubles stopping the run. In the previous matchup however Russell Wilson threw for over 300 yards and 3 touchdowns. I think the Saints offense protects Brees better and the Saints do well; but I think the Saints lose a close and high scoring game in Seattle. 

49ers Vs Panthers

Give me the home team, Carolina will win this game. You have two similar teams with similar strengths and it will come down to the play of the quarterback. Give me Cam Newton over Kaepernick. There were plays in their game vs the Packers that they should have sacked Rodgers but he got away. If they have trouble finishing the play against Rodgers they will struggle vs Cam Newton in the same way. Cam Newton has an impressive day Panthers win a close defensive game.
Chargers vs. Broncos
It is simple. The Chargers will give a good fight in this game, but it simply won’t be enough. I can see a lot of points being put up from both teams, marking a game that could go into the 30’s for each side with ease. Peyton Manning and the high-powered offense will simply be too much for the Chargers to overcome.
Colts vs. Patriots
This is a very intriguing game. While it seems as though the Patriots have no weapons, Tom Brady always seems to find a way. Add in the fact that they can run the ball better, and it makes it easy to see why most would pick the Patriots. The Colts are a puzzle that is tough to figure out. They can look pedestrian for an entire half and then turn it on out of no where. The Colts cannot bring that into Gillette Stadium and expect to win. But, with all of that being said, give me the Colts to pull off the upset and win the game.
Saints vs. Seahawks
The Saints got walked all over in Seattle during the regular season, so many will see that happening again. The Seahawks are tough to beat at home, and that defense is simply incredible, from top to bottom. But, I’ll throw in a curveball here and take the Saints to reach the NFC Championship game.
49ers vs. Panthers
The 49ers are a tough team from top to bottom, but this is an absolute match-up nightmare for the Niners. The Panthers can match them at every level. If the Niners are to win, they will have to put up points on that defense, and that is tough to do. Give me the Panthers to move on.

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