Turkey Day Fun: Ravens Edition.

Happy Thanksgiving All! Here at CommonSenseFootball, we pride ourselves on giving the best information possible to the fan base, and relaying facts and opinions based on those facts.

It is Thanksgiving, so lets give some thanks to the Ravens.

We should all be thankful for the last five seasons where the playoffs were a given. The Ravens spoiled the fans with good football and exciting action, where playing in January was a given every single season. Not every fan base has the right to say that, and this is something a fan base should be truly thankful for, although, this season has been a frustrating one.

Another thing to be thankful for is the general manager in charge, sir Ozzie Newsome. He isn’t perfect, and will make his fair share of mistakes, but he hits on picks and makes smart moves to make the team competitive each season. Again, not every fan base is lucky enough to say this.

One last thing to be thankful for is getting to watch such a high stakes game on Thanksgiving. Flashback to 2011 where we got to see the Ravens battle the 49ers on Thanksgiving, and it made for a great, highly-contested battle between two powers. This season, we get the same style of game, with big implications on the line. It makes for a fun, albeit, stress-filled day.

Next, it is time to look at the wildcat offense of quarterback Joe Flacco’s response to it. Flacco has taken a beating from fans and media analysts for his response, but when you dig deeper, was his response all that awful?

First, Flacco said he does NOT view the style as a slap in the face. So, his view on the wildcat has nothing to do with disrespect, and everything to do with personal opinion. He has said that he has voiced his opinion to the coaches, and that he and Tyrod Taylor have talked about it. This would mean that Flacco has taken the correct course of action, and if they decide to proceed with the wilcat, Joe will play along, but he will not go out of his way when out at wide receiver.

Why would he? One wrong move and he could be done for the season.

Second, why would anyone want their quarterback to like this? Every fan should want their quarterback to want the ball and never give it to anyone else. Flacco wants the ball. He wants to be the one to lead the offense. There is nothing wrong with that.

Third, Joe was very direct in his view. He simply said that if you aren’t doing the basics well enough, there is no trick in the book that is going to help. Any coach or football player will tell you the same thing.

I digress, Thanksgiving is a time of thanks. Everyone enjoy the time with family and friends and have a safe holiday. Make sure to tell everyone you love them. Enjoy the feast and watch some football!

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