CSF Mid Season Awards Part 1

The season is half gone, and the playoff push is upon us. It is time to project or in some cases project who should win the NFL awards. Here is our stab at it:

MVP: Peyton Manning

This one is fairly obvious. Peyton Manning has put up numbers that are just amazing. Peyton leads one of the highest scoring offenses at this point of the season, ever. Peyton Manning has a good team around him, but it is Peyton that makes the 7-1 Broncos special. You could argue Aaron Rodgers because he means so much to Green Bay’s success. This season however has seen no better player than Peyton Manning.

Defensive Player of the year : Terrell Suggs

Call me a homer, but has anyone been as impressive as Sizzle? His performance has been one of the few bright spots in the Ravens frustrating 3-4 start. His impact on the Ravens is far greater than his 8 sacks and 53 tackles. He is a leader both by example and motivationally. In a year where much has gone wrong, Suggs has embodied everything that is right in Baltimore.

Coach of the year: Sean Payton

There are some worthy candidates but no coach is more important to his team than Sean Payton. When Payton was suspended last season ( bounty gate) the Saints were just not the same team. This year he is back on the sideline and the Saints could be a Super Bowl contender. He has a special chemistry with quarterback, Drew Brees. Sean Payton gets the most out if his Saints and for that reason he is the coach of the year.

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