Ravens halftime report

The Baltimore Ravens went into halftime just now down 10-6.

What went Right:
1.) Joe Flacco has done a great job taking care of the football. His pass protection has been poor, whats new? Flacco has found open receivers and has stayed strong.
2.) The defense got a big big turnover. Darryl Smith forced a fumble that led to Ravens second field goal.
3.) The running game was much better. Was it great? No but it was improved. We were able to get more on track 3rd down situations.

What went wrong:
1.) Pass Protection. It was a joke. 5 man protections against blitz, was awful.
2.) Defense pushed off the line. Ngata was ineffective against double teams. Linebackers to much depth.
3.) Ravens not getting to Ben.

What needs to happen:
1.) 6-7 man pass protection in blitzing situations.
2.) Defense blitz inside. Maybe it will help with run, but main reason not getting pass rush off the line.
3.) Keep improving running game
4.) Corners have to play better.
5.) Linebacker depth change.
6.) Lower pad level, more push, more stunts

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