3 Changes The Ravens Must Make To Win in Pittsburgh

The Baltimore Ravens have had their fair share of struggles. Common Sense Football readers & listeners understand the issues, because we have been all over them. This is not a discussion of the problems. We’ve done that. This is a discussion of solutions. Here are the 3 big changes the Ravens must make now. Lets get into it.

1.) Abandon the zone run. The zone blocking is a great system, in fact i prefer it. The problem however is the Ravens do not have the guys to do it. We are bulldozers up front. Lets play steam roll the guy across from you football. Angle blocking will simplify the run game, & get it rolling. This is the offenses number 1 priority. If they cannot run the ball, the Ravens 1 dimensional offense will continue to suffer.

2.) The Ravens must have smarter pass protection. The line is struggling and defenses love blitzing, especially in the middle. 5 man protections are simply not appropriate against the type of pressure Joe battles weekly. The Ravens need to abandon the empty set offense. A blocker or two, whether it be a fullback, halfback or tight end must be in the backfield in these situations.

3.) The Ravens need to bench Gino Gradkowski. Its that simple. When your center is getting beat off the ball so regularly how much worse can his back up be? Put AQ Shipley in and see what happens.

Lets get this win. RavensNation!

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