3 Knocks Of Common Sense


3 Knocks Of Common Sense | Chris Schisler

1.)    There is nobody more deserving of a knock of common sense more than Jim Irsay. Like his father, Jim is not afraid to make a fool of himself. We get that Peyton Manning is coming back to Indianapolis, believe us NBC won’t let us forget it. Nobody needs to hear you bash the Peyton, Irsay. He was the franchise, the only reason you were relevant was Peyton Manning. Yes Jim, he only won 1 Super Bowl and was eliminated from the first round of the playoffs almost every year. But do you honestly expect me, or anybody else to respect you saying ANYTHING at all about the most important athlete Indianapolis ever had? Stop tweeting, shut up. Owners should be seen not heard. Hire the right people; let your franchise do the talking, not you. I’d like to thank Jim Irsay. Everyone knows a Baltimore boy loves bashing an Irsay, and Jim Irsay made that pathetically easy.


2.)    The football fans who boo after every injury need to be muzzled, or at least given a knock of common sense. Was there any bigger sign of stupidity then the Sunday Night Football a couple of weeks ago in Atlanta? They booed Vince Wilfork thinking he was faking an injury to slow the Falcons offense down. Yeah, guess what he is out for the season. The fans don’t even grasp the concept of ignorant booing. They booed a Patriots offensive lineman for being hurt. Was he trying to slow his own offense down? This needs to stop, football is better than this. Also I have a hard time thinking that there are 70,000 doctors in the stand.


3.)    Any moron who thinks John Harbaugh is not a good coach needs a big knock of common sense. Fans are calling into the local sports radio stations and spewing hate on the guy who has taken you to 5 straight playoff seasons and a Super Bowl championship. The funny thing is they are not even attacking him correctly. 1 fan called 105.7 The Fan cited that John Harbaugh does not carry any charts during the game, and he does nothing. HE DOES NOT CALL PLAYS! This is just the stupidest argument in the history of sports talk, and that is saying something. Harbs is a great coach with a resume that speaks for itself.

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