Report From Bus Home

I have been to 26 Ravens games since 2001; this is only my third loss. It was a devastating loss that puts the Ravens to 3-3. The Ravens offense was pitiful for 3 quarters, letting down an amazing defensive performance. The Packers got out of dodge with a win.

Baltimore played a great defensive game. You cannot blame a defense that gave Rodgers hell all day. Dean Pees called one hell of a game. The defense got pressure in the backfield. They slowed down a vaunted Packers offense and gave the Ravens a chance. A chance they really did not deserve.

The offense was abysmal. It as always started upfront. For the most part new Ravens tackle Eugene Monroe was good and so was his right-side counterpart Michael Oher. The problems were with Gino Gradkowski and the guards. 3/5 of the offensive linemen played like garbage, a recipe for disaster.

We could rant about every problem from the entire game. It would take 100000000000000 pages but we could do it. Instead lets just stick with the moral of the story. The Ravens offense is a mess and it continues to let the defense down. It was a frustrating day in my heaven, M&T Bank stadium.

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