Time for Ravens to Start Rolling

Though the Baltimore Ravens have seen anything but strong play from their starters, it is preseason football. I am in the business of analyzing what is seen on the field. Thus-far the Ravens have not shown their full potential and so I have been forced to call it as I see it. We must remember mistakes in the preseason are always fixable. Thursday night against the Carolina Panthers, I expect to see the Ravens play at their best.

The third preseason game is the dress rehearsal for the season opener. This is where the starters will expect to see a little more than a half of playing time and they open up the playbook. It is the time where the starting units gain the rhythm and confidence they will take into the offseason.

The Ravens have a history of less than spectacular beginnings of preseason play. They almost always play great in the third preseason game. Last year all be it against lowly Jacksonville the Ravens looked like world beaters in their 3rd preseason game. The Ravens also have a history of going into the season sharp. John Harbaugh has never lost a season opener with the Ravens.

The Ravens were playing vanilla boring football with their starters in the first two weeks. They do not want to give the Denver Broncos anything to go off of. I think this is a bad mindset. First remember that the gameplan is different for every week based on the talents of your opponent. Secondly how can you evaluate your players if calling a purposefully bad game? Expect the Ravens, especially on offense to throw their best plays at the Panthers. Baltimore knows it is the time to get into regular season shape.

The Baltimore Ravens starters have done some good things this preseason. It is important to know that it is my job to critique every little thing. If the Ravens are the team I think they are Thursday night will be a lot of fun.

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