Getting Ready for Ravens 2nd Preseason Game

Getting Ready for Ravens second Preseason Game | Chris Schisler

The Baltimore Ravens host the Atlanta Falcons in a little over two hours from now in the second week of the NFL preseason. Baltimore is coming off a misleading shellacking of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Ravens struggled mightily at receiver and the defensive secondary all through the game. The starting offenses performance was truly uninspired. There were bright spots such as Aaron Mellette and Laquan Williams touchdowns as well as impressive depth and talent of the Ravens front seven. The score was misleading because many young players failed to capitalize on their playing time. The result of a preseason game is utterly meaningless. The procedure of the game is drastically important. Tonight it would be nice to see another impressive score as long as it is reflective of the performance of both the starters and backups.
The Ravens are expected to play the starters for most if not all of the 1st half. With two new acquisitions to the offense in Brandon Stokley and Dallas Clark it will be interesting how much they play and what they can do for the offense. If Tandon Doss wants to gain ground as a legit wide receiver he must perform well tonight. He is running out of opportunities. For young unproven players like Doss the preseason is all about opportunity.
The Ravens cannot play vanilla football. They need to open up the offense and gain the confidence. It is one thing to hide your game plan for the Broncos opener it is another thing to shut down the play calling. The Ravens need to open up the offense and get as many targets repetitions with Joe. The Ravens need to start building confidence and how can they evaluate player’s performance if you don’t use your best stuff on purpose.
The starting defense looked great upfront. I expect the defense to stop the run well and to get after the quarterback. There needs to be dramatic improvement in the secondary. There needs to be better tackling and there needs to be less penalties. The Ravens defense has a tough opponent as Atlanta has many playmakers.
Chykie Brown is a leading candidate to participate in sub packages. The problem is that Brown did not have a great game last Thursday. Brown played undisciplined and was penalized for it. I want to see him play better. Asa Jackson looked great. Facing an 8 game suspension Jackson has a lot to prove to keep his roster spot. I want to see more improvement from my boy Matt Elam who has unlimited potential.
At linebacker Josh Bynes and Daryl Smith were very impressive last Thursday. It will be interesting to see what playing time Arthur Brown gets tonight, and how he performs. If Arthur Brown lives up to his talent he will be a great asset to the Ravens.
The Ravens need to make the most of this preseason game. It is nice to win but in the preseason the result is not important. I want to see the Baltimore Ravens meet the high expectations set for them tonight. It is not important to hide who they are to the Denver Broncos. What happened to Joe Flacco’s stance of not apologizing for being a good team? If it were up to me the Ravens would throw everything at the Falcons and make a statement. The score must reflect the performance of each player on the depth chart tonight.

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