Potential Dynasty in Baltimore

On paper and in theory the Baltimore Ravens are the gold standard of the NFL. The Ravens are defending champions of the football world. There is more talent on their roster than there was when they hoisted the Lombardi trophy last February. There is unlimited potential in Baltimore. In the National Football League potential might as well be a four letter word. The Ravens have the potential to start a dynasty. It is a burdening responsibility to the city, to the state of Maryland and the organization itself.

The Ravens have the nucleus necessary for continued success. A franchise quarterback, a great head coach and a brilliant general manager. Gone are the days of great Ravens teams wasting seasons due to problems under center.

In the Flacco Harbaugh era the Ravens have had a shot every year. What makes you think this will change. As long as Joe Flacco is the quarterback & John Harbaugh is the head coach the Ravens will be a playoff team. When you get into the playoffs anything can happen.

Now that the Ravens have won it all; now that they have rebuilt their defense for the future there is no reason to think they cannot win it all again. The Ravens did it the hard way in 2012, but they won. They fired the offensive coordinator they pulled out a Mile High miracle. They won with an old defense that was banged up and on its last legs.

Ozzie Newsome built this team with a big picture of longevity in mind. He envisioned a dynasty. The defense has been reformed. And by the way the offense still has their elite Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco. The Ravens did it the hard way; now they are building a power for a clearer path to chanpionships.

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