The NFL’s Best Coaches

The NFL’s Best Coaches | Chris Schisler | July 12, 2013


Coaching in the NFL is a 24/7 365 day a year job. The life of a coach is a busy one that takes the right combination of intelligence, leadership and being able to work with the people around them. Football is all about competition, to be a great coach you have to produce winning teams consistently. To examine what makes the best coaches in football we need to take a look at the very best.

1.) Bill Bellicheck

Bellicheck is the best coach in football. He has three Super Bowl rings on his fingers and he came pretty close to decorating his entire hand. There is no other coach in the league with this kind of track record… or even close to it. The amazing thing is that he still has a team that figures to go to the post season. Bellicheck’s best quality is his adaptability. He has won a lot of games in a bunch of different ways. The Patriots Super Bowl Championship teams are so dramatically different than the ones of recent years. This being said they have been in back to back AFC Championship games. Bellicheck has rebuilt the offensive and defensive rosters several times in his tenure as Patriots head coach. He has all the control in New England and produces a winning team every year. He finds ways to win. Plain and simple.

2.) John Harbuagh

John Harbuagh has won at least one playoff game in each of his five seasons in Baltimore. In case you did not hear the news, the Ravens are the defending world champions. The Ravens coach preaches all the right things. He is a master motivator and brings an unmatchable energy to the game. Harbuagh never gets too up and never gets too down. This is reflected in his team’s ability to perform in adversity. Harbuagh’s greatest strength is his ability to hire the right staff and trust them to do their job. John Harbuagh is not afraid of being the dumbest man in the room. He brings in the best coaches. His weakness is that he is very loyal. This kept Cam Cameron in charge too long. Harbuagh has his fingers on everything but it is his ability to delegate that makes him such a good coach.

3.) Tom Coughlin

Tom Coughlin has won two Super Bowls. He did this with two teams very few would have considered the best in the league. Coughlin is a strong disciplinarian. It is his best strength and his greatest weakness. Sometimes his teams do falter at the end of the season. Sometimes however Coughlin’s teams get hot at the right moment. Coughlin’s greatest strength is never letting his team give up. Coughlin can make the most out of injury plagued seasons with bad luck. He can win a Super Bowl in this kind of season. His team’s inconsistency is why John Harbaugh is above him. His ability to overachieve is why he is number 3 on the list.

4.) Jim Harbuagh

Jim Harbuagh is a genius, and he is the most passionate one I have ever seen. His genius on the offensive side of the football is unmistakable. He got good play from Alex Smith when previous coordinators after coordinators could not. Jim Harbuagh had the guts to then replace Smith with Colin Kaepernick because he would get the team closer to a championship. Harbuagh is a coach with experience as a player. He coaches with a player’s mindset. This is why the gung ho attitude will never go stale in the locker room.

5.) Sean Peyton

Sean Peyton showed how important he was to the Saints when he was suspended for a year due to the bounty scandal. Peyton is a genius but he does not beat anyone over the head with it. He is a player’s coach. This is why he is such a good coach. He thinks players not plays. He never puts Drew Brees or any Saint in a position where they are uncomfortable. He calls the game with Drew Brees not for him. When Peyton is on the sideline the team is a contender.


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