Ryan’s Song


Ryan’s Song |Chris Espo | July 9, 2013

Good ol’ gang green, from the days of Namath on through the sack exchange and now the circus that is the Ryan administration. There’s a lot to be said for the New York Jets in these past four years that Rexy has been at the helm. At first Rex came in with the vibrato of 300 Spartan soldiers and guaranteed Super Bowl victories and the mantra; “If you take a swipe at one of ours, we will take a swipe at two of yours.” Hey, as a Jets fan I was right there with him. With a sword in one hand, a green and white shield in the other, and the cry of; “THIS IS GANG GREEN!” In the first two seasons boy did Rex deliver, back to back AFC championship games and it seemed all the pieces were in place to finally capture the brass ring that has eluded us since 1969. A rookie QB with a golden boy attitude, a defense full of swagger and a coach posturing with the coloring of a million peacocks fanning their feathers at the competition.

However, in the long list of clichés, all that glitters isn’t gold and the following year the Jets were brought back to reality with a tumultuous 8-8 season and followed that up with another sub-par 6-10 campaign. What people fail to realize about the two Jets AFC Championship game seasons is that outside of the draft picks, 80% of those players were part of the Eric Mangini regime. So in actuality we owe a debt of gratitude to the Man-genius and not crucify him like so many Jets fans love to do.

So, now we travel back to the present and take a peek at the 2013 New York Jets and realize that not much has changed. Last year it was “We want Tebow!” and this year its “We want Geno!” This, my friends, is not what any team needs in July. Many people may say that this isn’t Rex Ryan’s fault that New York has no talent, and to a certain extent I agree. From no running game to no receiving threats, a suspect line-backing core and a scarce secondary that traded away the best cover corner in the last ten years, this team has no identity! However, when you are the face of the franchise and that rah-rah mentality doesn’t translate to the players on the field anymore, it’s time to go. With a new GM in place this year and the ushering in of potential young superstars in Geno Smith, Mo Wilkerson and Quinton Coples, the Jets need to act now and say bye-bye to Ryan time. Stay as far away as possible from this team and hope when they say goodbye to Sanchez that your wife can cover up that tattoo on her body with a new jersey. I heard the CFL is hiring…..

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