Jerry Jones: Crazy Man

Jerry Jones should take a listen to the Beatles “Can’t buy me love”. Well he probably has no problem finding “love” but money sure has not bought him wins. Jerry Jones has pushed everyman that ever won for him away. Jimmy Johnson had the audacity to disagree with Jones (after being a Super Bowl winning head coach) and Jones fired him. Bill Parcells was allowed to build a quality team but chose not to put up with the organizational mess in Dallas. Jerry outed him. Jerry Jones has built a marvelous stadium and kept the Cowboys as the most recognizable brand in sports. His money works for all that. But his money has made the Cowboys a joke.

Since 1996 the Cowboys have won 1 playoff game. Literally since I was 6 years old the Dallas Cowboys have been irrelevant. Yet their fan base continues to swell.

Jerry Jones is an egotistical fool who thinks he is the coach GM and Owner. Now he has taken the play-calling-powers away from head coach Jason Garrett. I guess Garrett finally called Jones on his impossible to miss BS. He does not like that. How are the players supposed to take the coach seriously, if the owner takes away his authority?

The Cowboys are a joke. And it is all the fault of one man’s hubris. I hope he is having fun in Jerry land becuase he sure aint winning. And I could not be happier about it. The league is better when the historically important Cowboys are good; but the league should not hold its breath.

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