Quick thoughts on Football 5

Once upon a time rookie quarterbacks were groomed several years before they became full time starters. This generation of young quarterbacks have changed. Now teams draft signal callers to come in and perform right away. It all started in 2008 when Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco took their teams to the playoffs in their rookie season. The 2012 draft class of Andrew Luck, RG3 and Russell Wilson have all seen playoff football. Colin Kaepernick led the 49ers to the Super Bowl in his second season. Recent success of these young QBs has convinced teams to take a chance on guys who have not panned out.

Blaine Gabbert has been a complete disaster in Jacksonville. Coming out of a spread offense at Missouri where he was seldom rushed and everything was open, he was not ready for the NFL. In the NFL Gabbert is rushed and acts like a deer in the headlights. Nothing is wide open and Gabbert cannot make the plays necessary.

Jake Locker is another experiment that has not turned out well. Locker’s accuracy issues, his inability to command the offense and injuries have added up to disappointment. The titans may not be willing to admit it, but he is not the guy they need.

These bad situations do not scare teams who are determined to get their savior under center. They do not see the Gabberts of the world they see Griffin III and Luck. Its hard to blame any GM for taking a young QB in the draft than expecting him to start. The new rookie wage scale does lower the risk. Still you would hope teams would use logic regardless of position when making roster decisions.

The Bills took EJ Manuel in the first round which I saw as a dumb mistake. While Manuel certainly has athleticism and upside, he is not ready to start right away. If they give Manuel tine to develop he could be good. Throwing him out there right away probably will delay his development. It should be noted that Kevin Kolb probably has to lose the job, for Manuel to start. That being said you can typically count out Kolb. The Bills took a chance on Manuel who most did not consider a first round QB. They wanted an RG3 but I don’t think they got one. Manuel may be the next Gabbert.

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