Chris Schisler’s Virtual Chalkboard: Blitz #2

Chris Schisler’s Virtual Chalkboard: Blitz #2 | Chris Schisler | June 28, 2013

This blitz features a coverage that is used less and less in the NFL, Tampa 2. Tampa 2 is used mostly with the 4-3 defense but this is run out of a 3-4 front. First I should stress the purpose of Tampa 2. Cover 2 has two weak points in the coverage the deep sidelines and in between the two deep zones. By dropping the middle linebacker into the deep middle, we have effectively filled one of the natural windows in the coverage. Many linebackers cannot get back far enough, it takes an athletic interior linebacker.
The nose lines up on a strong shade of the center and stunts into the weak side B-gap. The end playing over the tackle on the weak side stunts out wide. The end must engage the tackle a little bit to pull him out wide with him. The rush backer then comes off the edge under the tackle. The guard is hopefully battling the nose. If the outside linebacker times it right he should have a clear alley to the football. To ensure the effectiveness of the nose guards stunt the other interior linebacker flies through the weak side A-gap. On the strong side the outside linebacker comes off the edge.
This blitz is susceptible to the short pass across the middle. It is critically important that this blitz be used in the right situations. Like most good blitzes this is an option to rush the passer responsibly. If the team likes to go down field on first downs this is an ideal blitz to use. I see this blitz as a 3rd and long drive killer. The deep pass is taken away, and the corners have responsibilities underneath.


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