Virtual Chalkboard Blitz # 1

Virtual Chalkboard Blitz #1 | Chris Schisler | May 26, 2013


This blitz is one of my favorite blitzes I have come up with. The idea of this blitz is to create confusion with multiple elements. First and foremost the blitz uses a cover 3 shell. There are 3 deep zones and 3 intermediate zones. You will notice that this is not the typical cover 3 look. The free safety lines up as a linebacker. The nickel back on the weak side takes the deep middle third. This blitz is designed to create confusion. This play works on the premise that our defenders can rally to the ball underneath. This blitz is best served for third and long situations. It is the defenses trump card. The second element of this blitz is the stunting. The strong side defensive end playing the 5 technique does a super stick into the A gap. The nose then stunts wide into the B gap. Offensive linemen are taught not to let the defender cross their face. This stunting takes advantage of this idea, pulling the offensive linemen out of position. The linebacker and the free safety then shoot through the weak A gap and the strong B gap. The strong safety that crept into the box attacks off the edge. The third element of this blitz is the use of the fire zone technique. The weak side defensive end engages briefly with the tackle and then peddles into a zone. This blitz will test the quarterback’s wits and put offensive linemen in uncomfortable situations.

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